Feel the thrill as you tackle the Parenzana bike trail – a former railway connecting Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, now transformed into a breathtaking hiking and biking experience, suitable for all levels.

Engage a private guide and turn your ride into a ‘’Tour the Parenzana’’ race. No trophy awaits, but the immense satisfaction of completing the tour, taking in scenic views and recharging your batteries.

Cap it off with a delicious lunch at a local tavern – an unbeatable prize for a true champion!

Approximate duration: 4 hours.

Includes a private transfer, a private instructor, bicycles and lunch in a local tavern (3-course, soft drinks).



Parenzana is the remanence of old railway trail passing through the area, once connecting Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Now, it is a magnificent hiking and biking trail suitable for beginners and experienced bikers alike.

Make use of private guide and have yourself a little “tour the Parenzana” race… no trophy on the end of the race; non but immense satisfaction with completed tour, sights seen and batteries recharged. And lunch; a delicious lunch in a local tavern. A prize truly worthy of a champion.


Approx duration 4 hrs. Including private transfer, private instructor, bicycles & lunch in a local tavern (3-course, soft drinks included, alcohol excluded)


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